Infographic: Holiday Data

January 24, 2020

Reading time: 1 minute

December is the month when we learn the most about our users. Here’s a view to the increase in usage through that period.

Infographic with a chart showing usage percentages

With the rise of holiday shopping starting in November with Black Friday and continuing through the end of December, it is a time that allows us to gather valuable data insights into usage patterns as well as which products are more suitable for certain days or environments over the course of the holiday season.

We saw an overall increase on the yearly averages for all products, but in particular noticed the increase in Directory and Web products as shoppers were actively in shopping centres multiple times throughout December. 

An interesting round-up of our data, compared with the rest of the year, and a key time to reflect and use what we have learned to formulate our strategy for 2020. 


Posted by Shanae Vander Togt

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