July 8, 2019

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We're kicking off a new thought series where we examine theoretical situations as they unravel inside the walls of Mappedin. First up: Canada's Wonderland.

Welcome to the start of our latest thought series: Theoreticals. We created this to capture some of the thought process that goes into everything that we do, whether it be for work or for fun (and often both!). Theoreticals are as much a part of our culture as our day-to-day tasks. We often work through problems that are farther ahead or even out of the realm of what our products and services are currently working through.

We do this both as an exercise in planning and to ensure that we look at a problem or puzzle from every angle possible. These scenarios also let us look at a problem through the lens of every aspect of the company, which gives us many different perspectives as each department has their specific focuses and priorities that affect how they would approach something.

Mappedin company photo at Wonderland theme park

Our latest and greatest scenario came after our company outing to Wonderland. Among all the rides and screaming and camaraderie, we wondered if we could take a place like Wonderland and make it more accessible within the focus of wayfinding. What features could we add to our products that could be used to help expand the park experience to a larger audience? Everything from common issues like ramps, stairs, and rides being accessible to all as well as items like colour-blindness, screen-reader accessibility for online maps and navigation, and identifying sitting and rest areas.

What do you think? Is there an area of your business that could be benefitted by looking at it from an entirely different perspective? How have you tackled challenges in your business to better access your market?

Posted by Shanae Vander Togt

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